Module Box Nox


A revolutionary system to think a commercial vehicle equipped for servicing and maintenance. The project of new Module Box NOX improves the load capacity by offering numerous advantages:

  • Accident prevention
  • Load capacity
  • Easy access to the load
  • Comfort to driver and passenger
  • Rationality and ordering of materials loaded
  • Perfect weight distribution on the vehicle
  • Business investment
  • Custom design
  • A pick-up becomes a “commercial vehicle” off road









Solidity and Design

Structure composed of the selfsupporting subframe of stainless steel with special supports fixed by bolts to the brackets provided on the chassis of the vehicle. The structure of the Module Box NOX is made of extruded aluminum profiles connected to each other by aluminum die-cast blocks and self-locking screws. The floor inside is plywood.

Roof profile of the Module Box NOX made to integrate the Ladder Holder, ladder and tube holder, while lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle.

Laterale curvature of the shape of the Module Box NOX to improve aerodynamics by allowing savings gasoline/petrol, in addition to making the aesthetics very pleasant

Cladding Composite panels made with two sheets of aluminum with an interposed polyethylene core. Solution that allows to obtain an exceptional lightness combined with a high mechanical resistance

Perimetral shutters made with extruded aluminum profiles with white thermovernished finish and seals on the sides that guarantee water tightness. Closing the shutter with outside bar, with open and close block and unified lock

Comfort and Safety

Open compartments over the entire truck body to make it suitable to the load of loose and bulky material

Drawers for putting away material such as: equipment, documents, ...

Reduced noise in the cab through the division between the driving and loading area 

Cancelled the risk of injury for up and down from the cargo area of the vehicle which occurs often with loads carried by hand

Safety in the transport of solvents and gasoline since the load compartment is separated from the driver cabin

Picking up the load at upright that helps prevent rips and back injuries caused by lifting heavy loads

Load Capacity

Possibility to build and fix any type of internal equipment using the grooves on the vehicle structure

Possibility of partitioning areas to diversify the type of load Better load organization; possibility of distributing the weight in the Module Box NOX

Ease of handling the materials and equipment through access to the cargo area from around the perimeter of Module Box NOX

Optimal weight distribution which allows a perfect load balancing making driving the vehicle easier and safer

Full volume loading of the vehicle. It isn’t necessary enter in the cargo area


Quick and easy dismantling of the Module Box NOX on the chassis of the vehicle

Better load capacity which allows to use vehicles of lower segment

Possibility to Investin more efficient equipment through the irreuse repositioning the Module Box NOX in a new vehicle



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